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I'm new

Thank you SO VERY much for clicking this link. We are happy that you are checking out our church website. Here you will find information on our Church Life. There you will find what Ministries or Services we have for people just like you. If you have Young Adults, Youth or Kids in your life we have things for them to be involved with too! If you choose to come to a Sunday service you will be greeted by people who help direct traffic in our parking lot! We may be a smaller church, but we are really wanting to make sure you have a great time with us. Once you come into our building we have some great greeters who will help you to a seat in our sanctuary. Our Pastor, is a good man who lives a good life, loves the Lord and shares the message failthfully many times utilizing the experiences God has given him. He's also a very relational man and truly enjoys meeting new people. He's very approachable and enjoys meeting new people!

We are God's family, we are not perfect people, actually, we are people who recognize this and well, we are leaning on one another and searching for God's direction in all that we do. If this sounds interesting to you. Come on by and spend some time with us and don't worry, if you can't afford to share in our offering, that's A-OK! We are really just happy you chose to spend your time with us!

Blessings, from our family to yours!

P.S. If you have any questions. Please email or call...
Phone: (716) 731-4090
Email: info@gnfcog.com