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  1. This Is Who I Am
  2. The Outsiders
  3. My Savior My God
  4. In the Light
  5. Gods Great Dance Floor
  6. Already There
  7. With Long Life
  8. Audience of One
  9. City on the Hill
  10. He Reigns
Rev. Joseph Whitman, Senior Pastor
work: 716-731-4090
Email: revwhitman@gnfcog.com
Reverend Joseph Whitman was saved as a young man at the age of twenty. Soon after, Pastor Joe felt that the Lord had a greater will for his life than he had planned for himself. He began to get involved in ministry, leading children and youth clubs. Still, Pastor Joe felt a greater pull on his heart from the Lord and became a youth pastor.
Continuing to advance in the ministry, Pastor Joe completed his studies and became bishop under the New York State Church of God. Years later he felt the Lord tug on his heart, yet again, to move north from Long Island, NY to the town of Sanborn NY and Pastor Greater Niagara Falls Church of God. Shortly thereafter, along with his wife and three children, Nicole, Renee, and Joe, they packed up their home and moved north.
As Pastor of the Greater Niagara Falls Church of God he is working to see the church grow in order to advance the Lord's Kingdom. He wants you to know that he is thrilled that you are here and is looking forward to seeing your face in our congregation soon! Don't hesitate to track him down and introduce yourself, or maybe our greeter team will do the introductions.