Church Life

  1. This Is Who I Am
  2. The Outsiders
  3. My Savior My God
  4. In the Light
  5. Gods Great Dance Floor
  6. Already There
  7. With Long Life
  8. Audience of One
  9. City on the Hill
  10. He Reigns

We would like to invite all women to our monthly Women’s Bible Study. We welcome you to join us for our interactive Bible Study meetings, which include topics of study such as:

  • How to study the Bible

  • Biblical Parenting

  • The Spirit World and Prayer

  • Alcohol and the Bible

  • Women in the Church

  • The Fellowship of Prayer

  • and much more!

Feel comfortable to follow along or interact fully in our topics of study! Don’t forget to bring your Bible! If you don’t have one, let us know and we will provide one for you!

Cyndee Bucholtz
Phone:(716) 731-4090